I’m a content wrangler for VSPN, the Veterinary Support Personnel Network, part of VIN. (www.vspn.org).
I’m adjunct faculty at a community college in Southern NH, former software engineer, former business analyst who tossed it all 10 years or so ago to make 1/5th the money as a vet tech and adjunct faculty.

And it was worth it… at least I can remember the name of the place where I work (although our college just changed names and moved which is way too ironic for me who has been merged and acquisitioned more than I care to mention.)

When I’m not teaching I’m a dog trainer, training my own and occasionally teaching classes to others in rally and obedience.  I love competing with my dogs, I love watching my dogs, even their eating amuses me.

the dogs and the Internet, what could be better?