2017 achievements 2018 Goals

So at the end of last year I posted our goals
Goals for 2017.

Merlin: PSD – overall novice, and some advanced titles, RATM, CDX-CCH, ARCHMX5, RLVX14-20, CPE Level 4
ELF: BN, RA, ARCHX, Level 3, ARCHEX, CPE Level 3, start AKC Agility, get some teacup titles, PSD Novice, RATO, and his novice intermediate and advanced AKC Trick Titles!

What did we achieve? Merlin is 2 runs short of PSD Novice overall, and has his advanced buildings and advanced exteriors, he’s still working on that RATM, got his CDX-CCH and ARCHMX5, and RLVX19.
Elf got her RA, ARCHX, almost level 2 in CPE, one leg in AKC Agility, TG1 and TG2 in teacup, PSD Novice Overall and her RATO, and her CDSP ASN-C2, and her community canine CGCA, and her AKC Novice Trick Title, she earned her PSD advanced distance, and became an UKC ALCH!!!

and Geiger, who was a hint of an idea in Dec 2016, earned his Star puppy, his RLP and RLPX.

2018 Goals:
Merlin RLVX20-22.. PSD Overall Novice, more advanced titles, perhaps some excellent titles. RATM in Barn Hunt, and some USCSS titles.
Elf: RL3, ARCHEX, BN, RE, CPE Level 3, CDSP CD, PSD advanced overall., RATS, and more teacup titles. And AKC Novice agility titles
Geiger: He’ll be with us for part of 2018, till august or so, his goals CGC, RL1, maybe a CDSP SN-C.

Its nice to have goals, its even nicer to have these great dogs!!

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