2016 In Review, 2017 Goals

Goals for 2016
Merlin: CS-ATCH, ARCHMX4, RLVX7-10, CDX, CDSP Versatility, RATM
Kestrel to enjoy some of 2016
Elf: CDSP Starter, BN, RN, RA, ARCH, CPE level 1 and 2, start AKC agility

How did they do? Kestrel got 14 days of 2016, 13 of which she enjoyed.  Merlin finished his ARCHMX4, his RLVX7-13, and his PSD-NB, His CPE level 3.  Elf got her RN, ARCH, CPE level 1, URO1, CDSP SN and ASN-c.  The scent dog work is new for both Merlin and Elf and they seem to be taking to it.

Goals for 2017.

Merlin: PSD – overall novice, and some advanced titles, RATM, CDX-CCH, ARCHMX5, RLVX14-20, CPE Level 4
ELF: BN, RA, ARCHX, Level 3, ARCHEX, CPE Level 3, start AKC Agility, get some teacup titles, PSD Novice, RATO

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