she has this

today is 2 months post diagnosis..  Kestrel is good.. in a cone, working on a fabric solution – check my facebook page for last week’s hammer pants…dogs, humans anyone with cancer doesn’t come with a stamped expiration date.  yeah, they give ranges, 4-6 months 12 months 6-12  18-24  but that is based on statistics  and well

a few things about statistics .. in humans, based on clinical experience  but sometimes the subject succumbs to something else, or the stats are from 5 or 10 years ago and we do better now

and in dogs…  owners can put the dog down for quality of life issues, or other issues, so all those ranges are skewed.. by dogs that died of something else, by humans who could not deal, or by switching vets… it is a statistics game..

and my world of statistics includes, figures don’t lie, but liars figure.  just because you have some diagnosis, with some time frame….a) the dog doesn’t know that  b) your dog is not dead

they may be on their way to death.. but.. it is statistics not your dog…as something I recently reminded me

your dog is not dying.. right not this minute.. THEY ARE LIVING.. they are alive… not gone, not done.. here now


HERE NOW..   enjoy them

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