A new Raptor

pow feb 2015Meet Grampian Punkwudgie Pow, JH.  The newest raptor lab.  She’s 3 1/2 and very cute as you can see.  Her name is a play on her mother’s name,  Grampian Lil’ Puckwudgie KaBoom.  KaBoom, born on the 4th of July and a puckwudgie is a Wampanoag troll like being with all sorts of powers.  Pow is a bit of an mysterious Elf herself, not too much of a punk despite her name, and our pet name for her is Elf (representing not just her actions but the Floridian Elf Owl to keep the raptor theme going).  Pow was the 2013 Yankee Waterfowler’s Dog of the year.  Here in raptor land she’ll be working on agility, rally, obedience, barn hunt and the occasional hunt test.  She got her first title with me last week RATI (her Barn Hunt instinct test).

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