She’s Back and Thank you AKC

Last Sunday the 31st, Kestrel went back into the AKC open ring, 4 years to the weekend of when she last competed in open. Four years ago, she refused a jump, people ringside said Proof your Dog, I called my vet. When Kestrel refuses a jump, there’s a problem. Her issue turned out to be the long plaguing iliopsoas strain.

Kestrel went on to compete in venues where she could have a lower jump height as jumping seems to aggravate the issue. She does WCRL/APDT rally with a jump height mod, and CDSP Obedience with a jump height mod.

The AKC started the pre classes. For some, the advantage in novice and open is no group stays, the long sit and the long down. Kestrel views the advantage as the 1/2 height jump height. She can manage one 10″ jump without issue. And this past Sunday, Kestrel did so.

She was so happy, and so was I. She heeled, albeit with a bit of nose rubbing and dancing around, she figure 8’d, she dropped on recall like she slammed on the breaks. Sure she forgot that you aren’t supposed to autofinish on every return, she retrieved on the flat, and retrieved over that little high jump and leapt with joy over the broad jump. Happy dog, Happy handler!!! Great fun.

Thanks AKC for this class, that is so great, and tailor made for Kestrel!

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